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12V VGA Fan For iGame GTX1050TI GTX950 GTX960 GTX970 Graphics Card Cooling Fan 4Wire 4Pin

2pcs/Lot 12V VGA Fan For iGame GTX1050TI GTX950 GTX960 GTX970 Graphics Card Cooling Fan 4Wire 4Pin Notice: 1.When you choose

135mm fan For Globe Fan RL4T S1352512M S1352512H 135X135X25mm DC12V pc computer chassis Cooling Fan 12V

Model; RL4T S1352512M / RL4T S1352512H appearance size: 135mm ?? 135mm ?? 25mm voltage, current: 12V 0.28A/1050 rpm 12V 0.33A/1300

135mm Fan New Globe fan rl4z s1352512hh-3m DC 12V 0.45A 13.5cm Dual Interface Chassis Power Cooling Fan

Brand: globe fan Model: rl4z s1352512hh-3m Size: 135 * 135 * 25MM Parallel hole spacing: 120mm Diagonal hole spacing: 171mm

135mm PSU Cooling Fan RL4Z S1352512H 12V 0.33A 13.5CM Chassis Power Supply Cooling Fan 135x135x25mm Cooler

135mm Dual Ball High Quality Cooling Fan Model1: RL4Z S1352512H Bearing:Dual Ball Bearing Size: 135 x 135 x 25mm Parallel

1366pin copper tube S20 workstation heat pipe CPU heat sink Cooler 41R5580 S20 CPU Heat Sink With 4Pin Cooling Fan 64Y9827

1366pin copper tube S20 workstation heat pipe CPU heat sink Cooler 41R5580 S20 CPU Heat Sink With 4Pin Cooling Fan

14025 12V fan for Power Supply Computer Case Cooling Fan Df1402512b2h Silent fans

Model: DF1402512B2H size: 140*140*25mm voltage: 12V current: 0.60A power: 7.20W rotational speed: 5900RPM

140mm cooling fan 14cm fan computer cooling fan 140mm zg3-140c 14cm 12V 0.1A 14025 3-wire chassis silent quiet cooling fan

Model: zg3-140c Size: 140 * 140 * 25MM Voltage: 12V Current: 0.1A Power: 1.2W Bearing: Duro bearing Service life: 60000

14cm 14025 case power supply cooling Fan 1100RPM 140X140X25mm Silent Max Airflow Rate

11 leaf mute Gale designsize: side to side 14CM thick 2.5CM pitch-row about 12.5CMequipped with 3 kinds of plugs: mainboard

15050VA-24R-FT DC 24V 2.20A ORIGINAL FAN 17251 172*150*51MM Server Industrial High Speed Cooling Fan

NOTE:The fan is removed from the equipment,It looks like 90% new product,Fan's Performance is excellent,Test all before ship out.But some

1604KL-04W-B39 4cm 4010 12V 0.09A Driver Cooling Fan

modname=ckeditor :1604KL-04W-B39 :40mm×40mm×10mm :4500 : :50000 :22 :12V :0.09A :3pin : '

1606KL-04W-B39 40mm Server Cooling Fan 4cm,for NMB-MAT 4015 40X40X15mm DC12V 0.09A

4cm DC 12V Cooling Fan Model 1606KL-04W-B39Size 40 * 40 * 15MMBearing typeDouble ballVoltage12VOperating Voltage 4.7V-13.8VSpeed 1800RPM ?? 5%Air volume15CFMCurrent0.09ANoise

1606kl-05w-b59 24V 0.08A 3 lines band signal detection 3 lines

modname=ckeditor :1606KL-05W-B59 : (2 Ball Bearing with Special Designed IC Inside) :40*40*15mm (MTTF):180000 :24VDC :0.08A :18-26.8V :,18;! Podemos cambiar la

1608KL-05W-B39 40*40*20mm 4020 24V 0.08A For Fanuc Fan Heatsink for For NMB

Model: 1608KL-05W-B39 Specifications: 40*40*20MM Voltage: 24V Current: 0.08A Operating voltage range: DC10V.–27.6V Motor speed: 8500 RPM Input power: 1.92W Direction

1608KL-05W-B39 0.08A 4CM 4020 24V with alarm driver fan cooling fan

modname=ckeditor :1608KL-05W-B39 :40*40*20MM :24V :0.08A :1.92W :6500RPM :7.4CFM 0.21/ :42.2pa :25.5DBA :-20~75° :50000 :25G :,18;. :18.0000(25,45~85%) :,PBT+30%+VO; :,PBT+30%+VO; :; :-10+70;

1608KL-05W-B69 24V 0.13A 3line Signal Alarm CNC Machine Cooling Fan

modname=ckeditor :1608KL-05W-B69 :40*40*20MM :24V :0.13A :3.12W :7500RPM :8.4CFM 0.25/ :42.2pa :25.5DBA :-20~75° :50000 :25G '

1611RL-04W-B46 For NMB 40X28mm DC 12V 0.13A 4cm 4028 Server cooling Fan

brand:NMB-MAT model: 1611RL-04W-B46 bearings:double Ball(2 Ball Bearing with Special Designed IC Inside) size:40* 40 * 28mm mean time to failure

17mm fan Brand new original Delta BSB01703HA3-00 1.7cm 17mm fan 17x17x3mm 1703 DC3.0V 0.10A Micro projector small blower fan

Brand: DELTA Model: BSB01703HA3-00 Size: 17*17*3.4MM Voltage: 3V Usage Voltage: 2.0-3.5W Current: 0.10A Speed: 12000 RPM +25% Noise: 25DBA Air

180mm Pc Case Cooling Fan 18cm RL4Z S1803212L-3M 12V 0.15A 18CM Wire Cooler

Brand: silverstone model: RL4Z S1803212L-3M size: 180*180 * 32mm pitch: 165mm voltage: 12V current: 0.15A rotational speed: 750rpm bearing Sleeve

1pcs W40S12BS4A5-07 4CM 40mm 40*40*28mm 4*4cm 4028 12V 0.73A PC Case Server Inverter Cooling Fan

Size: 40 * 40 * 28mm Voltage: 12V Operating voltage: 4.5V-13.8V Rated current: 0.73A Fan Model: Measuring speed: support (4-wire)Support

1pcs 9GL0812P1K05 8038 8CM 80 * 80 * 38MM high temperature fan metal fan 12V 1.8A

Voltage: DC12V Current: 1.8A Frame: high temperature resistant aluminum alloy Noise: 51dBA Size: 80*80*38MM Bearing: double ball bearing

1pcs AD0624HB-F71DS For ADDA 24V 0.43A 6038 Converter Cooling Fan 6CM

Brand: For ADDA type number: AD0624HB-F71DS size: 60*60*38mm voltage: 24V current: 0.43A speed: 8000RPM air volume: 48.37CFM noise: 58.0DBA connection

1pcs Brand New For AVC DFTA0676B2U 6076 6CM high speed car booster violent fans 12V 3A 60*60*76mm

Model: dfta0676b2u Size: 60mm x 60mm x 76mm Voltage: DC12V Current: nominal 3A (full 2.6a) Speed: 16000rpm Bearing: Ball Interface:

1pcs Brand New for Delta FFB0412HNA01 40mm 4028 DC 12V 1.01a PWM axial cooling fan 40 40mm

Model:ffb0412hna01 Size: 40 * 4 * 28mm Current: 12V Voltage: 1.01a Speed: 16000rpm Air volume: 20.4cfm Noise: 50.dba

1pcs Brand New for Delta PFB0412EHN -SE00 4028 40*40*28mm DC12V 0.72A powerful axial cooling fan 40 mm

1U server fan pfb0412ehn [fan model]: pfb0412ehn [appearance size]: 40 ?? 40 ?? 28mm [rated voltage]: DC12V [voltage range]: dc7.0v-13.6v

1pcs D0625C48BYPP-10 Original 6025 48V 0.08A 60 * 60 * 25mm 4 line dustproof and waterproof fan

Size: 60X60X25MMModel: d0625c48bypp-10Voltage: DC48VCurrent: 0.08ABearing type: high precision double ball bearingLead interface: 4-wire / DC brushless fan, waterproof cooling fan!

1pcs Delta New AFB0612HH 6025 6CM 0.25A double ball bearing cooling fan for 60*60*25mm

[appearance size]: 60 ?? 60 ?? 25mm [rated voltage]: DC12V [voltage range]: dc7.0v-14.0v [input power]: 0.25A (nominal current) [rated speed]:

1pcs DS06025R12U New For AVC DC 12V 0.26A 4-wire 4-pin connector 60mm 60x60x25mm Server Square Cooling fans

Brand: AVC Appearance dimension: 60 ?? 60 ?? 25mm Fan speed: 5200 ?? 5% rpm Bearing type: hydraulic bearing Service

1pcs For NMB 2410ML-05W-B79 DC 24V 0.25A 6800RPM 3 Wires Alarm Inverter Cooling Fan 6025 6CM 60*60*25mm

Model: 2410ML-05W-B79Size: 60*60*25mmVoltage: $literalCurrent: 0.25AActual current: 0.19APower: 4.56WSpeed: 6800RPMWind Pressure: 125PANoise: 45DBWorking environment: -20~70°Weight: 65gService life: 60,000 hours

1pcs For SUNON HA40101V4-000C-999 4cm 40mm fan 40x40x10mm DC12V 0.8W South-North Bridge Ultra-quiet cooling fan

Product brand: Sunon (Taiwan jianzhun) Product model: ha40101v4-000c-999 Appearance size: 40 mm ?? 40 mm ?? 10 mm Speed reference:

1pcs Free shipping New For Sunon GM1204PEV1-8 4007 12v 0.7w cooling fan 40*40*7mm 40mm 7mm slim cooling fan

Brand: Sunon Specification: 40 * 40 * 7 (mm) Current: 0.065a Power: 0.7W Rated voltage: 12V Interface: 3pin interface FG

1pcs HA50151V4-1Q01U-Q99 4-wire 4P 12V 0.24W PWM cooling fan 5015 5CM 50*50*15mm

Model: HA50151V4-1Q01U-Q99 Size: 50*50*15mm Voltage: 12V Current: 0.02A Power: 0.24W Wiring: four lines

1pcs New 60mm Slim Cooling Fan 6cm 12V SP601012M 6010 12V 0.15A 60X60X10mm CPU Power Silent Cooling Fan

Taiwan 12v0.15a 6cm 6010 11 blade ultra thin large air volume cooling fan Original product, good quality, oil bearing, large

1pcs New DC 5V Fan USB 1200rpm 120mm 120x120x25mm 12025S Cooler Motor Brushless Cooling Fan 120mm 5V USB cooling fan

5V USB 120x120x25mm 12CM 120mm Brushless DC Cooling Fan 12025 Specifications: Dimensions: 120x120x25mm/4.72 ”x4.72 ”x0.98 ”(LxWxH) Bearing Type: Sleeve Rated

1pcs new FD7015H12D DC Cooling Blower Fan 12V 4Pin PWM 75x77x15mm Fan For PC Case System Cooling Fan

Size: 77x75x15mm Speed: 1000~4800 RPM??10% Rated Voltage: DC 12V Rated Current:0.42A Air Flow:10.75 CFM max Life:30000 hours Noise: 49dBA max