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1pcs New FOR ADDA AB07012UX250301 DC12V projectors cooling fans

: FOR ADDA Model: AB07012UX250301 Size: 70*70*25MM (blower) Voltage: 12V Current: 0. 35A Power: 4.2W Speed: 3500 RPM Air volume:

1pcs New Original for Delta BUB0512HB 5CM 5015 12V Blower Fan Centrifugal Turbine Cooling Fan

Brand: for delta. Manufacturer: for delta Electronics Public Co., Ltd. Model number: BUB0512HB Or: 51x51x15 mm Shaft bearing: hydraulic bearing

1pcs New Original For Sunon MB60101V3-000C-A99 6010 60mm 10mm slim fan DC 12V 0.65W Cooling fan 60*60*10MM

Brand: Sunon Model: mb60101v3-000c-a99 Voltage: 12V Power: 0.65w Size: 60 * 60 * 10mm 6cm Wiring: 2 wires Bearing: Maglev

1pcs Original Delta THB1212B DC12V 3.0A for HW Device Cooling fan 120*120*25MM 12V 4Lines

NOTE:The fan is removed from the equipment,It looks like 90% new product,Fan's Performance is excellent,Test all before ship out.But some

1pcs pwm cooling fan 92mm 90mm 9238 cooling fan V92E12BUA7-07 DC 12V PWM control large volume violent fan 3.24A 500RPM 9cm

Product model: v92e12bua7-07Appearance size: 92mm ?? 92mm ?? 38mmSpeed reference: 8500Bearing type: double ball bearingService life: 70000 hoursNoise reference: 64.8dbRated

1pcs SXDOOL FBA06T24H 6015 60mm 6cm 24V 0.11A server inverter axial cooling fans

Original three-wire inverter fan Brand : Panaflo Model : FBA06T24H Size : 60 * 60 * 15MM Voltage : 24V

1U 1366PIN X58 Server Processor heatsink cpu cooler cooling Heatsink 0T4MPW T4MPW CN-0T4MPW For C6100 CPU

1U 1366PIN Server Processor heatsink cpu cooler cooling Heatsink 0T4MPW T4MPW CN-0T4MPW For C6100 CPU Package : 0T4MPW T4MPW Heatsink

1U Heatsink Cooling for LGA 2011 (Narrow type) SNK-P0047PS SNK-P0047PS 1U Passive CPU Cooling Processor Heatsink

1U Heatsink Cooling for LGA 2011 (Narrow type) SNK-P0047PS SNK-P0047PS 1U Passive CPU Cooling Processor Heatsink

2000W PSU Antminer Bitmain 2000w Power Supply 6PIN Antminer T9 ETH PSU antminer S9 S7 L3 BTC LTC DASH 1800W miner power supply

2000W Desktop ETH Power Supply Unit High Efficiency 6Pin for BTC Bitcoin ETH Ethereum Server Miner Mining Feature: 1. The

2010 GM0501PFB3-8 5V 0.2W 2CM Maglev Motor Miniature Cooling Fan

modname=ckeditor : (Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co.) : 20x20x10mm : + (Maglev+VOPT) :5V : 0.2W : 15000rpm 100,000 3P '

204825 Cpu Heat Sink Snk-p0067ps 1u Lga3647 Cpu HeatSink For X11 CPU Heat Sink SNK-P0067PS 1U LGA3647 CPU Heat Sink for X11

204825 Cpu Heat Sink Snk-p0067ps 1u Lga3647 Cpu Heat Sink For X11 CPU Heat Sink SNK-P0067PS 1U LGA3647 CPU Heat

220V fan 120mm Original STYLE Fan 12038 US12D22-GT 220V Inverter PLC AC Cooling Fan

Model: US12D22-GT Size: 120*120*38mm Voltage: 230V Power: 16/15W Speed: 2650/3050 RPM Air volume: 88.3 CFM/102.4 CFM Noise: 41DBA/45dba Bearing: Double

2406GL-05W-B39 60mm cooling fan New original 6015 24V 0.08A 6cm 3-wire double ball frequency converter fan

Model: 2406gl-05w-b39 Size: 60 * 60 * 15mm Voltage: 24V Current: 0.10a Power: 2.4W Speed: 4300rpm Bearing: imported double ball

2406KL-05W-B30 New 60mm DC 24V Dual Ball Bearing Mute Computer Cooling Fan,60X60X15mm 3600RPM Variable Frequency Mini Fans

Category: DC fans Manufacturer Part Number: 2406KL-05W-B30 Minimum order quantity: 1 Series: 2406KL Voltage – Rated: 24VDC Size / Size:

240m 60A 17251 YM2417ANB1 150 * 172 * 51MM communication equipment cooling fan

Size: 172 * 172 * 51mm Model: YM2417ANB1 Voltage: 24V Current: 0.60A Power: 14.4W Speed: 3000R Air volume: 220FM Weight:

2410ML-05W-B60-D23With end NMB /6025 ABBInverter Cooling fan

Brand: JapanNMB-MAT( Minebea ) Model:2410ML-05W-B60-D23With side (ABBInverter dedicated fan ) Size:60*60*25MM Voltage:24V Current:0.17A Power:4.08W Speed:5300RPM Air volume:25CFM 0.71m3/min Pressure:73pa Noise:36DBA

24V cooling fan 120mm for NMB 4715kl-05w-b49 4715kl-05w-b40 12cm 12038 24V 0.46a frequency converter cooling fan

4715KL-05W-B40 Model: 4715kl-05w-b40 Size: 120 * 120 * 38mm Voltage: 24V Current: 0.46a Speed: 3800rpm Air volume: 130cfm Noise: 48dba

24V Cooling Fan 60mm 6cm Dual Ball Bearing Mute Quiet Silent Computer PC Fan with SM-2Pin SXD6015B24L 60X60X15 6015

Mute 24V 60mm Cooling Fan Brand:SXDOOL Model:SXD6015B24L Size:60X60X15mm Bearing:Dual Ball Voltage:DC 24V Current:0.07A Rated Current:0.03A Rotation:6300RPM+-10%

24V fan 80mm 3110rl-05w-b60 For NMB DC 24V 0.21A 8025 3250RPM cooling fan frequency converter double ball mute fan 8cm

Size: 80 * 80 * 25MM Voltage: 24V Current: 0.21a Model: 3110rl-05w-b60 Air volume: 42.37cfm Speed: 3250rpm Noise: 35dB

24V fan Brand New For NMB 04015SS-24N-AL 4015 0.08A 4CM cooling fan

:For NMB Model:04015SS-24N-AL Size:40*40*15mm Voltage:DC24V Current:0.08A Bearing:Dual Ball RPM:8300+-10% Air Flow:7.4CFM

24V fan Brand New For NMB 2406RL-05W-M59 6015 6CM 60*60*15mm DC24V 0.18A inverter printer projector cooling fan 10pcs /lot

: For NMB Model: 2406RL-05W-M59 Size: 60*60*15mm Current: 0.18A Voltage: 24V Power: 4.32W Speed: 4600 rpm+-10% Noise: 34dB Lead length:

24V Fan KDE2404PFV2 40mm 4cm Mini Micro Cooling Fan, For SUNON 4010 1.4W 2pin High Speed Cooler

NOTE: The fan is removed from the equipment, It looks like a 85-90% new product, some motors are scratched, That’s

2510 MF25G-12 12V 0.05A Miniature Device Cooling Fan

modname=ckeditor :MF25G-12 Specifications: 25mm*25mm*10mm Voltage: 12V Current: 0.05A Bearing: Hydraulic Bearing Lead: 2 lines '

2806KL-04W-B56 New For NMB Fan 7015 12V CPU Cooling Fan 7CM Four-Wire PWM Speed Control

For NMB 7015 double ball 2806KL-04W-B56 4-wire support PWM Model: NMB(Minebea) 2806KL-04W-B86 Specification: 7cm x 7cm x 1.5cmPower supply: DC12V

2B08038B24H For AVC 8038 24V 0.70A Inverter Fan 8cm Double Ball High Volume PWM cooling Fan

Model: 2B08038B24H Size: 80*80*38mm Voltage: 24V Current: 0.70A Bearing: Double Ball Lead: 4 lines, with speed measurement, PWM function

2B09238B48S For AVC 9238 48V Double Ball Inverter Fan 9cm High Speed and Large Volume PWM Fan

Model: 2B09238B48S Size: 90*90*38/92*92*38mm Voltage: 48V Current: 0.94A Speed: 8800 RPM Air volume: 160CFM Noise: 66dBA Bearing: Double Ball Lead:

2cps 30mm fan For Sunon MC30100V2-000C-A99 3010 5V 0.38W Quiet Cooling Fan 4.6CFM 8000RPM

Brand: For Sunon model: MC30100V2-000C-A99 size: 30*30*10mm voltage: 5VDC bearing architecture: VAPO current: 0.075A rated power: 0.38W rotational speed: 8000R.P.M

2pcs 2010 5V MC20100V2-D020-G99 2CM Three Micro-Chassis Mute Cooling Wind Fan 0.78W

Brand: SUNON size: 20x20X10 voltage: 5V current: 0.156A power: 0.78W rotational speed: 16000RPM interface: small 3P

2pcs 3010 12V Micro Notebook Silent Cooling Equipment Fan Dfs301012m 3cm Set-Top Box cooling fan

size: 30*30 * 10MM model: DFS301012M voltage: 12V current: 0.10 power: 1.3W rotational speed: 7000RPM

2pcs 35mm 12V Cooling Fan 3.5cm New MC35101V2-000C-A99 DC 0.52W 35X10mm mini fan Silent Quiet for Sunon

35mm Fan Model:MC35101V2-000C-A99 Size:35X35X10mm Voltage:DC 12V Watt:0.52W Rotation:7200RPM+-10% Air Flow:6.5CFM Noise Level:22DBA Plug:2.0 2Pin Wire Length:4cm

2pcs 3D printer fan 30mm fan U30R12MS1Z5-51 30*30*15mm 12V 0.05A large air flow cooling fan 3CM 7200RPM 4.8CFM

Model: U30R12MS1Z5-51 Size: 30*30*15mm Voltage: DC 12V Current: 0.05A Speed: 7500 RPM+-10% Air volume: 4.8 CFM Noise: 26 dbA Bearing:

2pcs 4010 12V 3-Wire Double Ball Chassis Cooling Fan For AVC DA04010B12H 4CM Excess Tone 0.11A

product’s brand :For AVCproduct Model: DA04010B12Happearance size: 40mm ?? 40mm ?? 10mmrotational speed reference: 5000??10%RPMbearing Type: ball bearingservice life: 60000

2pcs 4020 12V 4-Wire PWM Speed Control Max Airflow Rate Cooling Equipment Fan Dbta0420b2u 4cm Switch fan

Product description: brand: Original ForAVC Model: DBTA0420B2U-P004 appearance size: 40 x 40 x 20mm the fan speed: 12000 ± RPM

2pcs 4020 12V Magnetic Mute Cooling Fan GM1204PKV2-A 4CM Switch 0.7W

Brand: For SUNON model: GM1204PKV2-A size: 40X40X20mm voltage: DC 12V rated current: 0.7W bearing: maintenance-free magnetic bearing fan: 5-blade fan

2pcs 40mm 7mm Slim Silent DC 5V Mini Micro Cooling Fan,Original for Y.S. TECH FD0541077S-1A ,40X40X7mm 0.50W 2-Wire

Model:FD0541077S-1N Voltage: 5V Current: 0.5W 0.1A Speed: 6200rbm Noise: 29.5dba Size: 40x40x7mm Note: two wire with 2pin terminal

2pcs 40mm fan For Delta TAA0412CD 4cm 4020 DC 12V 0.60a 4-wire PWM temperature controlled 13000rpm high speed cooling fan

Model: taa0412cd Size: 40 * 40 * 20MM Bearing: double ball bearing Standard voltage: DC12V Current: 0.60A Actual current: 0.5A